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Process Matters helps build the capacity of people, organizations and communities who do good work. How? We assume people want to contribute their best and help you set the conditions for them to do it. We help you align people with purpose… their own purpose, and your collective purpose.

Her flexibility helped the team members feel that their needs were being addressed during the process. Her willingness to listen to us, helped shape the meeting in response to our concerns. 

Give any two organizations the same goals, the same money, the same number of staff with the same credentials, the same issues, the same environmental factors, and those organizations will likely meet with varying levels of success. Why? HOW they go about meeting their mission is what matters most. Despite the organizational claims “we don’t have enough money,” or “enough time,” etc., the success of organizations depends on the process of how they go about doing their work. There is no “perfect” leadership style, management approach, or organizational structure. It is our goal to help groups of people find ways to interact that work best in their unique environment. How ideas are generated, how people interact, how tasks are divvied up – these processes matter.

We help people look at the systems in which they work, and take control of all they can improve.

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